Your Turn! Where do you do most of your homeschooling?

So, where do you do most of your homeschooling?


In the car? Student desks? Dining table? Lounge room? Park? Computer? Kitchen? Bedrooms?


  1. This year most of it is at the computer, and then secondarily on my master bed. The kids do have desks in their rooms, – a technical drawing table in the livingroom, and the diningroom table also are work areas.

    With Heart of Wisdom, I’m finding it easier to use the e-book rather than the hard copy, that way I can just click to websites, or find videos on-line etc.. and it’s most up to date.


  2. We do most of our school work at the kids desks (also double as computer desks), and the kitchen table.
    I find it easier to have a set place, though the kids have been known to follow me around the house as I do chores (like hanging the laundry or folding the laundry)

  3. In our downstairs family room, mainly because it’s cooler downsstairs during summer and my office is downstairs as well, so if both dd and I are working we’re in the same area of the house.

    We’ve used in the past the kitchen table, separate desks in one common room as well as in individual bedrooms.


  4. mostly in my bedroom but someimes in the their bedroom
    sometimes in the living room. The reason is because of the heat. I have air conditioner in my room so that makes it more pleasurable. :razz:

  5. :wink: Hi,
    We use the kitchen table, and the floor in the living room, and sometimes weather permitting we go out on our wrap around porch and use the picnic table . We dont have desks , I ditched those a long time ago, I hated public school so it made me shiver to use desks…. :lol:

  6. The kitchen table, or the window seat which is really the heater cover, (it’s cold here) or the living room sofa.

  7. The Kitchen Table takes the price. Or if I am working from the office area :grin: she will do her school work in the coffee table next to my desk.
    Beautiful blog!

    Ivy Vega’s last blog post..Loving Nature.

  8. The coffee table in the loungeroom, the playroom coffee table and the kitchen table all get a work out.

  9. Love the responses ladies!
    The boys do their English at the kitchen table, Maths on the floor of the lounge after watching the MUS DVD or they may do it in their bedroom as they can take the dvd player in there. They tend to do their other subjects either on their bed, the lounge suite or the booknook- they’re other subjects are predominantly reading though. maybe that will change once they go on to more ACE paces but for now…

    We also do a fair bit of talking and reciting and reading in the car. We’re in the car a fair bit so I’ve learned to make the most of it. :cool:

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